Private Equity Value Creation Forum & Awards

20 & 21 March 2024

The forum

Actum Group’s 2024 Private Equity Value Creation Forum will bring together industry professionals to address the risks and opportunities in today’s economic and political landscape.

As LPs place an increasing emphasis on long-term value creation, ESG considerations, technology adoption, and responsible practices, GPs are having to adapt their investment approach in line with an ever-evolving industry. Practitioners, advisors and thought leaders will share their views and

engage in discussions covering GenAI; sustainability’s role in value creation; CFOs expanded roles; diversity’s transformative power; leveraging technology and data analytics; optimising operational efficiency; and driving value through pricing strategies and margin optimisation.

There will be ample opportunity to network with senior LPs and private equity Operating Partners throughout the event.

Key Topics

Operational Improvements and Human Capital: Leveraging Technology and Data Analytics

Technology and data analytics are reshaping how private equity firms enhance operational efficiency and manage human capital by creating opportunities to enhance value through streamlined processes and improved talent management.

Biodiversity, Decarbonization, and the Blue Economy

Emphasising the growing importance of biodiversity, decarbonisation and blue economy to value creation within private equity in order to strike the right balance between today and tomorrow.

Driving Value Through Accelerating Profitable Revenue Growth

Growth has, for many years, been the no. 1 value creation lever for private equity. In the current environment, there is an increasing focus on organic growth as a complement to buy and build strategies, on the quality of growth to enhance both EBITDA and multiple, and on leveraging recent advances in data, technology and AI to drive step-change commercial productivity improvements.

GenAI Drivers in Value Creation

The emergence of Generative AI has equipped private equity with resources to elevate decision-making capabilities, amplify predictive insights and pinpoint investment prospects, thereby facilitating value creation through data-driven strategies and operational enhancements.

Sponsors & CFOs: Better Alignment for Greater Transformation

The expanding responsibilities of a CFO has ushered in a new raft of qualities necessary to fill the role. CFOs now need to demonstrate an ability to drive transformation, establish clear communication channels, prioritise data cleanliness and analytics and align business objectives alongside their more traditional duties.