Private Equity Value Creation Forum & Awards 2023

The Forum

Actum Group’s PE Value Creation Conference 2023 will bring together private equity professionals, including LPs and operational GPs to address the risks and opportunities of PE Value Creation in the current market context. We will address lessons learned from previous cycles yet also address the unique characteristics of this cycle.

Practitioners, advisors and thought leaders will share their views and debate on practical opportunities and mitigation strategies particularly in the context of the current and further impending economic downturn. There will be ample opportunity for networking with senior LPs and operating partners at leading GPs in intimate breakfast briefings, throughout the event and at the evening’s awards’ ceremony.

Key Topics

The political landscape and its impact on private equity

Political stability and geopolitical factors that influence the investment climate and shape the opportunities available to private equity firms.

Tech-Enabled Services

The emergence and proliferation of tech-enabled service companies has provided private equity houses with a new breed of businesses in which to invest.

LP valuations in the context of recession

Value creation is not a post-acquisition event, but that growth levers must be considered in advance of a transaction to best prepare, and therefore achieve the growth intended.

Opportunities and risks in turnaround/restructuring

Excessive leverage, liquidity concerns, refinancing risk and disruptive market forces or other factors. Valuation and mispriced opportunities, what are the risks but also opportunities to invest.

ESG priorities for value creation

Emphasising the growing importance of ESG factors to value creation in the private equity industry in order to find the correct balance between today and tomorrow.